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Stock Investment Blueprint

$1,000.00 – 3 Lessons. The total value of the US stock market is 95 trillion dollars. Big banks, mutual funds, and Pension funds collectively own about 76% of that number. This means there is 24%of that 95 trillion still available for the taking.

Technical Analysis

$2,000.00 – 5 Lessons. Technical analysis is the art of reading a stock’s chart. It is understanding a stock’s historic price movement and observing the buying and selling patterns of investors. 

Options Mastery

$3,000.00 – 5 Lessons. Options is a great way to protect your stock portfolio from downside risk. Options are also a cheaper way to capture short-term gains from a move-in price of your favorite stock without having to own it outright. 

Pro Trader Course

$5,000.00 – All Lessons
This is all three courses combined. It was designed for both beginners and seasoned traders. Our unorthodox style of investing and trading will turn beginners to Pros and give Pros a higher rate of success.

Earnings Call

These days having a knowledgeable person to refer to regarding assistance with your stock portfolio or a trade position is essential to new investors. We have designed this earnings call feature so you can do just that. Through this feature you can be coached through your portfolio assembly process without the heavy cost and hassle of dealing with so-called “professional” financial advisors.

  • Receive help with choosing stocks for your portfolio
  • Expert consultation on market trends and favorable industries
  • Trade position management assistance
  • WMA stock picks and tips
  • $125 Per 2 Hour Session
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    Santino Drew

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    Santino is a professional Stock and Options trader . Due to his passion to teach others this skill, he is now the CEO of Wise Money Academy, a Financial Education Service. As a Lead Instructor and Motivational Speaker, he has hosted seminars, lectures and workshops. Santino's purpose is to close the gap between economic classes, "one mind at a time." He believes that a lack of financial knowledge is the one of the main problems we face amongst low income areas and households.