War Room is a fully interactive live trade room.

It is operational every Tuesday and Friday from 9 am to 11 am. The War Room allows members to mimic options trades and join monthly live recap courses via zoom. War Room is perfect for people who are on the go and too busy to research. It’s also great for new traders who have not yet found the courage to place their trades. This platform is for anyone who wants to trade stock options. I will take low-cost trades so that everyone can participate. Subscription payments can be arranged month to month or annually.

With this live trading course, you will build confidence by experiencing the action hands-on.

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DEFCON 1: $267.99 / month
  • One Tuesday access per week


DEFCON 2: $467.99 / month
  • Access to all four live trading days per month


DEFCON 3: $867.99/month
  • Access to all live trade sessions
  • Monthly Live Recap Training and Coaching
  • Access to community daily market intel briefing
  • Access to daily watch list and top picks



Meet Your Instructor

Santino Drew


Santino is a professional Stock and Options trader . Due to his passion to teach others this skill, he is now the CEO of Wise Money Academy, a Financial Education Service. As a Lead Instructor and Motivational Speaker, he has hosted seminars, lectures and workshops. Santino's purpose is to close the gap between economic classes, "one mind at a time." He believes that a lack of financial knowledge is the one of the main problems we face amongst low income areas and households.